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Winecom - Com. Vinhos E Serv., Lda.
The Winecom is a Portuguese Douro Valley family wine company established in early 2008
with its core business focused on the production and marketing of only
wine of superior quality.

The wines of Winecom are produced by the traditional techniques like
Maceration with Feet Pressure and Fermentation in Granito Presses in
amounts not so high so as to maximize its full potential and quality for a
constant consumer satisfaction.

Quality that has been recognized this year with our first red wine harvest
in national market by the prestigious portuguese wine magazine "Revista de

Thus, we want to attract, acquire and retain
customers of all audiences in different market segments

Our Mission: Association of Winecom. an image of prestige,
quality and safety, the consolidated recognition of public value
added of our products, which enables us to solidify and strengthen
our position in the domestic market as well as in other markets
Activity Producer
Wine region Douro
Contacts Rua Guedes Amorim, 633
5050-277 Peso Da Régua

Tel.: +351 254318120
Fax: +351 254318120

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