Bucelas, Carcavelos and Colares Wine routes

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Rota dos Vinhos de Bucelas, Colares e Carcavelos
Câmara Municipal de Loures Rua Dr. Manuel de Arriaga, 4-2.º
2674-501 Loures
Tel.: 21 982 69 60
Fax: 21 982 31 02

It is near Lisbon that the vine that produces some of the most historic wines in Portugal is grown. Standing out from the mainly rural landscape of Bucelas is the Tapada Nacional de Mafra, a place where the former Portuguese kings used to go hunting. Traces of monarchy are also visible in the imposing Palácio Nacional de Queluz (free translation: Queluz National Palace). In Colares, vines are planted in sand, which is resistant to phylloxera. In this route, visit the idyllic scenery of Sintra and taste the well-known travesseiros or queijadas while you discover palaces, farms and beautiful gardens. The fortified wine of Carcavelos is produced in a region known for its beaches and fishing villages, from which the village of Cascais stands out. This is an area where agriculture tries to fight the advance of urbanisation.

Source: Infovini, Bucelas, Carcavelos and Colares Wine routes and Anuário IVV.