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Rota da Vinha e do Vinho do Ribatejo
Região de Turismo do Ribatejo Campo Infante da Câmara - Casa do Campino
2000-014 Santarém
Tel.: 243 330 330
Fax: 243 330 340

The river Tejo and the marshlands are a constant on the tracks of the Ribatejo Wine Route. The lands are used to grow vegetables, fruit and vines, and also to breed bulls and horses. The markets and festivals related to agriculture, vines and stables show how this region’s culture is closely connected with “earth” activities. The gothic city of Santarém and the fantastic Convento de Cristo (free translation: Convent of Christ), in Tomar, are some of the places worth visiting in the region. The mountain also conditions the region’s landscape: the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains impose a landscape dominated by rock, inviting for walks. On the riverside, travel along the river Tejo in a varino boat and enjoy the natural reserve of the Tejo estuary.

Source: Infovini e Rota do Vinho do Ribatejo.