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Portugal 3 2 1
Rota do Vinho da Bairrada
Comissão Vitivinícola Bairrada Av. Engº. Tavares da Silva
3780-203 Anadia
Tel.: 231 510 180
Fax: 231 510 189

From the quiet sands of the coast to the exuberant vegetation in the mountainous area of the interior, visiting Bairrada is an opportunity to combine the beach’s sun with the freshness of the mountain. The extensive coastal dunes are painted by the lively colours of the typical houses (hay lofts), and in the mountain one finds the Luso and Curia thermal baths, two of the most famous in Portugal. Also worth visiting in the mountain is the Mata Nacional do Buçaco (free translation: Buçaco National Forest), a place with several botanic species, many of which exotic. On the other hand, if it is fauna you are interested in don’t miss a visit to the Pateira de Fermentelos, where you will be able to see wild ducks and other aquatic birds. Try fish dishes in the coast or taste roasted meats in the interior, accompanied by red or sparkling wine of Bairrada.

Source: Infovini, Anuário IVV, Viniportugal.