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Portugal 2 1
Rota das Vinhas de Císter
Av. 25 de Abril, 186 - Apartado 15
3624-909 Moimenta da Beira
Tel.: 254 582 428
Fax: 254 584 078

South from Douro there are many delights to discover. In Terras de Cister, whose name derives from the ancient religious order that settled in the region, there are superb landscapes and an historic architecture to be seen. There are also festivals, where you will be able to enjoy some of the region’s gastronomic delicacies. Although Távora-Varosa is famous for producing some of the best sparkling wines in Portugal, it is the production of chestnuts that represents one of the most important activities in the region. The clergy were the ones to introduce the growing of vines in the country, which explains why there are monasteries near the vine growing fields. These monasteries, such as that of São João de Tarouca, were home to the Cistercian Order. In Lamego, accept the challenge of climbing the monumental baroque staircase up to the Cathedral and Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.

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