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Quinta Vale de Fornos, SA
Quinta Vale de Fornos is situated near Azambuja, in the heart of the Ribatejo region.
Enjoying of an excellent location and surrounded by a beautiful landscape, this property was offered by Dª Antónia Ferreira (Ferreirinha) to her daughter, when she married the 3rd Count of Azambuja in 1873.
The Quinta includes a splendid 18th century house, whose particular traces and colour have never been changed, and is a symbol of tradition for its antiquity and close relation to Portuguese noble families.
It is said that Napoleon's soldiers lodged in this property during the French invasions, and that Christopher Columbus himself passed by its vineyards on the way to King D. João ll's home, in nearby Vale do Paraíso, to inform the King of the discovery of America.
The Quinta was bought by the present owners in 1972 from D. Pedro de Bragança.
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Wine region Tejo
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Apartado 43
2050-365 Azambuja

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