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Sociedade Agrícola da Quinta do Mosteiro, Lda.
The wine António Futuro is created in Quinta do Mosteiro located in the municipality of Amarante, an area of excellence in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde (green wines).
The Quinta do Mosteiro integrating an immune place of the Monastery of Travanca, founded in the seventeenth century and one of the most beautiful and important examples of Romanesque architecture of northern Portugal, has an area of about 12 ha, distributed by terraces and protected platforms, which combined with the excellent sun exposure, could achieve a high and uniform ripening of the grapes.
The vineyards of the Quinta do Mosteiro are composed by traditional varieties of green wines in the region of Amarante, with a predominance of caste Arinto and to a lesser scale the Trajadura and Azal.
Finally, the name of the wine "António Futuro" is a tribute by the owners of Quinta do Mosteiro to his grandfather, who dreamed and created this project.
Activity Producer
Contacts Rua de Moreira de Cima
Travanca - Amarante
4605-456 Travanca

Tel.: 225379742
Fax: 225371206

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