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Casa Ermelinda Freitas
Ermelinda Freitas, borned and raised in Terras do Sado, is a wine produce and bottler in Fernando Pó. During her life, along with her husband, she has always dedicated special attention to wine, having since his demise carried on his work with the help of their daughter, Leonor Freitas, who represents the fourth generation of wine producers of the family. In 1997 she started production of part of their production under their own brand.

Casa Ermelinda Freites is currently going through a time of great expansion, in which new infrastructures and equipments are being invested on to adapt the installations for becaming a cult site in the Rota dos Vinhos wine tour.
Activity Producer
Wine region Península de Setúbal
Contacts Rua Manuel João Freitas
Fernando Pó - CCI 2501
2965-621 Águas de Moura

Tel.: (+351) 265 988 000
Fax: (+351) 265 988 004

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