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Symington Family Estates, Vinhos, Lda.
Symington Family Estates are the leading producers of premium quality Ports. The combined sales of the familys Port companies make up over a third of all premium Port sold throughout the world.

Seven Symingtons work in the family business, six from the 13th generation in the Port trade via their great grandmother Beatrice Atkinson. From the Douro vineyards through the winemaking, ageing and tasting, a member of the family is directly responsible for every bottle of Port they produce. The family commitment to their wines is stronger than ever after 350 years, an unparalleled tradition in the Port trade.

Besides the Quintas owned by the family Port companies, the Symingtons are individually significant owners of vineyards in the Douro valley. Each member of the family has vineyards that he or she owns and manages. The grapes are delivered to the family Port companies. This extent of family vineyard ownership is unique to the Symingtons in the Port trade. In none other of the principle Port companies do the partners or owners own vineyards directly as in the case of the Symingtons, a reflection of their centuries-long dedication to the Douro and to its wines.

Today, Symington Family Estates and individual members of the family own 20 Quintas, amounting to the largest vineyard ownership in the Douro. They are joint owners of a superb 21st vineyard, Quinta de Perdiz (with Bruno Prats), one of the finest estates in the Rio Torto. In addition, the family has a 25-year lease on the outstanding Quinta das Lages.

These 22 properties comprise the finest collection of vineyards in the Douro and ensure the unequalled quality of the Ports for which the family is renowned. The total area of all the Quintas amounts to 1,704 hectares of which 906 hectares are planted with vines.
Activity Producer
Wine region Douro
Contacts Trav. Barão De Forrester, 86 | Vila Nova De Gaia
4400-034 Vila Nova De Gaia

Tel.: 223776300

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