Península de Setúbal Wine routes

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Rota dos Vinhos da Península de Setúbal - Costa Azul
Casa Mãe da Rota dos Vinhos Largo de S. João
2950-000 Palmela
Tel.: 21 233 43 98
Fax: 21 233 49 90

Admire the blue tones of the sea and river, combined with the green colour of the mountain. The Costa Azul routes correspond to the wine region of Península de Setúbal. Here, the vines are mainly grown in the interior of the region, where the Moscatel grape variety, essential for the production of the fortified wine, is produced. Such wine has previously been widely exported to other European countries. The farms are usually extensive and the most grown grape variety is Castelão, commonly called Periquita. Go to the irresistible white sand beaches of Sesimbra and Tróia, climb to the cliffs of the Arrábida mountain range and Cabo Espichel, and find peace in a farm in Palmela. In the protected area of the Sado estuary, get to know a species of dolphins unique in Portugal.

Source: Infovini and Rota de Vinhos da Península de Setúbal (Costa Azul).