How to serve

You don’t need to be a wine expert to correctly serve wine. If you know some tips and basic principles, you may serve wine as a professional. The first step is to choose a wine that is appropriate not only to the dish but also to your and your guests’ taste.

Some specialists support an idea that is not completely new: white wines should be served before the red ones. On the other hand, full bodied, sweet wines should be tasted at the end of the meal, though you may serve sweet, fresh white wines as appetisers. Nowadays, one may say that there are no rules: there are the classic combinations, but also the innovative and revolutionary ones. You may combine wines according to your preference and imagination. You should only be careful to balance the different aromas and flavours.

There are appropriate glasses for each type of wine. To get maximum pleasure when tasting wine, check if the temperature is correct. You should also check if the wine needs to be decanted.