Find your wine

1. People tend to see you as:
 a relaxed person
 a delicate person
 an adventurous person
 an ironic person
 a persistent person
 an understanding person
2. It’s a party day! What will you wear?
 something comfortable and casual
 designer clothes
 something trendy
 something formal
 something simple, though with a classy touch
 something extravagant, impossible not to be noticed
3. What is best in wine is:
 to feel its aromas
 to gently taste it, imagining the steps involved in its production
 the chance its taste might surprise us
 the variety it offers
 that it is versatile and ideal for any occasion
 that it is a good way of using grapes
4. Your favourite food is:
 chocolates and biscuits
5. The ideal occasion to have wine is:
 with friends
 at parties
 any meal
 special occasions
 on vacation
 light meals
6. The type of music you prefer is:
 Traditional Portuguese
7. The ideal place to go on vacation is:
 a beach with crystal clear waters
 a place where one can visit vines and taste wines
 an island
 a mountain covered with snow
 an European city
 the trendiest one
8. The best way to spend one’s free time is:
 to read
 to go to parties/out with friends
 to go for walks in the country
 to organise thematic wine tastings
 to sleep
 to visit museums/exhibitions


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